Stories for the Soul - Tasters and Introductory Days


Tasters and Introductory Days are for those with little or no experience of Godly Play which is the method used in Stories for the Soul. You will discover through experiential learning how this creative storytelling brings spiritual well being to people of all ages - including yourself!!
Please note that some Taster sessions and Introductory days are aimed at using Godly Play in a variety of contexts (children as well as adults)


Cost: £30 - £40 for Introductory days, less for 2 hour Taster sessions


You may wish to contact your local Champion or Godly Play trainer to arrange an Introductory Day or Taster session. 

Godly Play Network meetings are for local people to get together and share a Godly Play story (which we call Stories for the Soul when using it with adults) and to share experiences of using Godly Play.

All are welcome - those who are new to Godly Play and those who have many years of experience - we are all on a learning journey. You will meet with people who are using Godly Play with a range of ages in a whole variety of contexts - churches, hospitals, schools, as well as care settings for older people.