Are you a poet and didn't know it?

Reminiscence Session at Cotleigh Care Home

Two weeks ago I had a fabulous day at Cotleigh Care Home with the activities Co-ordinator Julie and the residents. We worked on an art piece for David Reid’s SYCAE. Here’s our collective poem:



From John O’Groats to Lands’ End,

We’ve travelled ‘round this fair isle,

Day trips and holidays,

Staying in fancy hotels in style!

Blackpool illuminations in November,

The Pleasure Beach is fun!

There’s always dancing, donkeys and sandcastles,

Even when there is no sun!


Cornwall is a favourite,

Rugged coastlines, rocks and sand,

If there’s a bit of water to swim in,

That’ll be real grand!


Whitley bay with the semi pebbley beach,

Is nice to visit in May,

We used to go as children,

It was a great family day.


Marjorie rode on a donkey,

But some naughty boys gave it a smack,

It raced right down the coastline,

And we thought it’d never ever come back!


Honeymoons in Scarborough,

At the Grand Hotel we’d stay,

A room for every day of the year,

With fabulous views over the bay!


Rita’s favourite in Cleethorpes,

Wandering ‘round the promenade,

Gambling with pennies in the arcade,

Having a nice time int too ‘ard!


Candyfloss, rock and humbugs.

Nougat, fudge and toffee.

Fish ‘n’ chips, cockles and winkles,

Then swig it all down with some coffee…


Or perhaps a nice cup of tea?

Or even a nice cool pint o’ beer?

At the sea front pub,

There’s many a way to bring us some cheer!


Shirley visited the old toffee factory,

In the summer at John Bull Rock Shop,

On that day the machines went bonkers,

An all the sweets flew out of it and it went POP!

Happy memories of holidays,

And more we’ve got lots more to come,

Sea, sun and romance,

We are NEVER too old to have fun!!

Carrie Twist